Football Corner Notifications

Setting up football corner notifications is just one of the ways Inplay Alerts can help you find profitable games to bet on. There are lots of markets to choose from when it comes to betting on in-play corners; Next Corner, Total Corners and Asian Corners to name a few from Bet365.

Corner Notifications & Alerts

Corner Notifications

In-play Alerts provides many different options for setting up corner notifications via Telegram, you can choose to be notified when the total, home or away corners reaches your threshold. You can also define the game time and the odds of your chosen in-play market. 

1st Half Asian Corner Betting Strategy

1st Half Asian Corners is a popular strategy used by lots of tipsters, the strategy is fairly straightforward, you simply wait for a game to have 0 or 1 corner between 32-35 minutes, you then back Over 0.5 or 1.5 on the 1st Half Asian Corner market. If there is one more corner, you get a refund if there’s two you win. The strategy can be tweaked to your preference but that’s essentially how it works.

The same strategy can be played towards the end of the game at around 78 minutes. Remember there is no guarantee that more corners are coming, but you do have the added bonus of extra time or anything over 90 minutes which is usually longer than HT extra time.

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